The number of people infected with the new virus “COVID 19” registered worldwide reached more than 9.83 million people since its appearance in China last December, according to a statistic conducted by Reuters until 1000 GMT today, Saturday, while the number of deaths rose to about 494,337 people in the world, According to an AFP count, according to official sources, as of 11:00 GMT.

The following report reviews the most important and recent developments related to the Coronavirus around the world during the past 24 hours, according to Reuters and Agence France-Presse:

** Medical developments
* The chief scientist of the World Health Organization said on Friday that a vaccine developed by AstraZeneca to prevent Covid-19 caused by the Coronavirus is probably the most precedent in the world and the most advanced vaccine in development.

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* A WHO-led coalition fighting the Covid-19 epidemic called on donors from both the government and private sectors to help raise $ 31.3 billion over the next twelve months to develop treatments and vaccines and to conduct disease tests.

** Hardest hit by Corona

* The United States, which recorded the first death with Covid-19 in early February, is the most affected country with 125,039 deaths, followed by Brazil with 55,961 deaths out of 1,274,974 injuries, then the United Kingdom with 43,414 deaths out of 309,360 injuries, then Italy with 34,708 Deaths (239,961 injuries), and France with 29,778 deaths (199,343 injuries).

** Trump’s Vacation
* The White House has announced that President Donald Trump will not go to New Jersey where he has decided to spend the weekend at the golf club that belongs in Bedminster.

The governors of the states of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut announced on Wednesday a 14-day quarantine imposed on people who visited states where a high number of injuries was recorded.

On Tuesday, Trump visited Arizona, one of these states. The American President then confirmed in a tweet on Twitter that he “wanted to stay in Washington to ensure law and order is implemented” in this country that witnessed anti-racist demonstrations.

* Liverpool city authorities condemned the behavior of the fans, who gathered for the second night in a row to celebrate the victory of their team in the Premier League and urged them to return to their homes due to fears of a high number of cases of Covid-19.
** Americas
– Statistics for Reuters showed 45,242 new cases of coronavirus in the United States on Friday, in the largest daily increase since the outbreak of the epidemic, raising the total number of people infected with the virus in the country to at least 2.48 million people.

Reflux effect
– the virus is currently spreading in smaller cities and towns within Brazil, threatening the return of outbreaks to major cities in what is known as the “feedback effect” with a lack of specialized medical treatment that compels patients to go to larger urban centers.

** Asia and the Pacific
– Data of the Federal Ministry of Health in India today, Saturday, registered more than 17 thousand new cases of new Corona virus over the past 24 hours. With that, the total number of casualties exceeds 500 thousand, with an increase in outbreaks in major cities, including the capital, New Delhi.
** Britain
* The British government said on Friday that the country would cancel a 14-day quarantine period for returnees from countries considered by the authorities to be at low risk from Covid-19 infection, as well as reduce official guidelines advising not to travel abroad except for the necessity of some countries and regions. These changes will facilitate British travel abroad for the summer holidays.

** Tunisia
– Tunisia reopened its land, sea, and air borders for the first time in more than three months today, Saturday, after it announced that it had managed to control the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

Travelers from countries considered safe and ranked on a green list – including Germany, China, and Italy – are entitled to only come to Tunisia without any conditions.

Arrivals from France, Morocco, and Spain must submit a negative result for a virus test conducted less than 72 hours before departure.

South Africa will begin allowing cinemas and nightclubs to resume operations, and restaurants are set to return to host visitors starting Monday, with an additional relaxation of public isolation restrictions despite a sharp rise in the number of injuries.

Beirut airport remains closed due to general isolation measures to prevent the spread of the Coruna virus. It is expected to reopen in early July.