Life-like water scene at City Center mall attracts Qatar shoppers

Crowds of visitors at City Center mall this weekend have been taking selfies near a patch of floor that has been painted to look like an underwater attraction.

The work, located on the first floor near Carrefour, is actually 3D art painted by Dutch artist Remko Van Schaik, who spent the past week developing the temporary installation.

Drawing inspiration from Qatar, the anamorphic painting depicts a falcon resting on an open clam that contains a shiny pearl, situated at the edge of what appears to be a bustling waterhole filled with schools of fish, shells, turtles and aquatic plants.

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The work is reminiscent of one of Van Schaik’s earlier paintings – a 3D sketch dubbed 3D Tropical Turtle that he designed for a shopping center in The Netherlands.

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Source News: Doha News
Photo: Chantelle D’mello