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LNG industry, which is specialized in the energy and shipping sector, said that the Polish oil and gas company received from Qatar the 100th load of LNG supplies.


The site added that in total, the Polish company PGNiG has imported nearly 11 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas so far, and the site showed that the Qatari gas tanker, Al-Safiliya, delivered nearly 90 thousand tons of LNG from Qatargas on Friday. July 3, 2020. After re-diverting its cargo to the Polish company, which is equivalent to about 120 million cubic meters of natural gas, the site quoted the Chairman of the Board of the Polish company PGNiG, Mr. Jerzy Koykinski as saying: Imports of LNG are one of the pillars of the company’s diversification strategy. , Which enhances energy security in Poland while providing a flexible portfolio for importing gas.

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Adding that every year more and more LNG flows into Poland, and in the following years, these imports will grow even more.

Qatar is in the lead

According to the report, the first two LNG shipments that arrived at Swinoujscie in early 2015 and 2016 were used to start the technical operation of the liquefaction facilities at the station, and the first commercial delivery took place in June 2016. Since then, the number of these facilities and their size have increased Gradually from year to year.


Of the 100 shipments to date, 67 have come from Qatar, 21 from the United States and 11 from Norway. In March 2020, one LNG cargo arrived from Trinidad and Tobago. During more than four years, the total volume of imported natural gas in this way was approximately 11 billion cubic meters. The report notes that liquefied natural gas has become an increasingly clear share in Poland’s imports. This shows that in 2016 the Polish company PGNiG acquired nearly 8%, and in 2019 it exceeded 23%, while gradually reducing the share of gas from the Eastern Road.

Joint cooperation

It is noteworthy that Qatar and Poland started joint cooperation in the gas field as of 2015, when Qatar Gas Company delivered the first operational LNG shipments to the Republic of Poland aboard the Q-Flex tanker that arrived at the gas reception station in Shnojija, Poland, on December 11. 2015. The Polish Oil and Gas Company BGNIG had a great role in successfully completing this process as an intermediary, in accordance with the agreement between Qatar Gas Company and Polesky LNG Company, which was entrusted with receiving the shipment for the trial operation of the Chinowicja receiving station. The cargo was loaded onto the 210,000 cubic meters of chartered Numan tanker that arrived at the gas receiving station at the newly constructed Shinwisha station.