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The spokesman for the Sirte and Jufrah Operations Room, Al-Hadi Dara, announced, on Wednesday, that a helicopter carrying a Russian crew had crashed in Sukna, central Libya. 

Darah indicated that it was carrying mercenaries from the Russian Wagner Company, which is fighting with the forces of the dissident General Khalifa Haftar, and a quantity of ammunition. According to Free American.

 The Libyan spokesman did not explain the cause of the helicopter crash 

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For his part, a military source in Haftar’s forces denied to “Al-Hurra” these accusations about the presence of mercenaries.

The source did not confirm or deny the news of the crash of a helicopter, indicating that the Libyan Air Force consists of helicopters and old aircraft that are constantly falling due to technical defects.

“Libya Al-Ahrar” channel reported that successive explosions were heard on the Sukna-Sabha road, and that Russian “Wagner” mercenaries were surrounding the area. 

The Russian “Wagner” mercenary forces are participating in the ongoing conflict in Libya, and they provide military support to the forces of the dissident Libyan General Khalifa Haftar.

A United Nations report revealed on September 3 that Russia had strengthened its logistical support for the Wagner Special Military Group in Libya with about 338 military cargo flights from Syria in the nine months ending on July 31.