Qatar’s Awqaf asks residents to look for Ramadan moon on Tuesday night

The Moon Sighting Committee of the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) has requested that Muslims in Qatar look to the sky on Tuesday after sunset to try to spot the new moon.

According to QNA, the committee would like anyone who sees the crescent to head to Awqaf’s headquarters in Dafna to report his/her testimony.

If the moon is spotted on Tuesday night, that means Ramadan has begun, and Wednesday, June 17 will be the first day of fasting.

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If it’s not, then Thursday, June 18 will be the first day of fasting – which will mean different working hours for most people, and the closure of many restaurants and coffee shops during the daytime.
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Source News: Doha News
Photo: nkhairil79/Flickr