LuLu Mango World 2020, with a specially picked collection of 12 varieties from different countries, started on Thursday across all LuLu Hypermarket branches in Qatar.

Running until Saturday (June 6), LuLu Mango World presents a wide diversity of the king of fruits sourced from across the continents.

The popular varieties such as the alphonso, badami, kesar, mallika, rajapuri are all on show. The mangoes are from India, Columbia, Pakistan, Brazil, and Peru, including organic mangoes.

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‘’LuLu Mango World 2020 is expected to be a runaway success as always. Every year, we try to bring in a wow factor to spice up the promo. This year, the addition of an organic range adds a new perspective to the offerings”, a spokesperson for LuLu management said.

LuLu Mango World 2020 also offers various processed and packed mango products ranging from jams, pickles, pulps, mango fish curry and cakes to a widespread variety of different products.

“LuLu has continuously been exerting its greatest efforts to provide and sustain the supply of high-quality global products at the best rates,” the official added.