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Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Lulwa Al-Khater said that the mediation efforts made by the State of Kuwait to resolve the Gulf crisis have not reached a turning point.

“In the past two months, there have been messages and delegates about the crisis, and it is too early to talk about a real breakthrough,” Al-Khater said in a video interview with Bloomberg. “But the next few weeks may reveal something new,” Al-Khater did not mention any other details, according to Bloomberg.

On the negotiations with the blockading countries, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the negotiations exceeded the 13 demands presented by the blockading countries at the beginning of the crisis as a basis for any solution. She added: We have passed this point. What we are about now is engaging constructively in negotiations and unconditional discussions that do not. You necessarily need to involve all parties simultaneously. “

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To watch a video of Lulwa Al-Khater’s interview with Bloomberg, click here