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The speech delivered by French President Emmanuel Macron at the memorial service for the murdered French teacher, Samuel Patti, sparked widespread anger in the Arab and Islamic worlds after he attacked Islam and supported the publication of the caricature insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. .

Macron had said in his speech: that his country will carry the banner of secularism high, adding: We will not abandon the caricature, “in reference to the offensive caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace,” even if some retreat. The French President pledged to continue publishing the offending caricature and to fight the institutions that support extremism in France, as he claimed.

During the memorial service and near the place of the ceremony, which was held at the Sorbonne University, and with heavily armed policemen and media coverage, French people published on the facade of a government building insulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, “may God bless him and grant him peace.”

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These statements sparked the Arab and Islamic streets, as activists on social networking sites in most Arab countries launched the hashtag # Boycott_French Products, on Twitter, which is currently the most popular hashtag in these countries, collecting more than 190,000 tweets, according to the BBC. The tweeters also published a list of French products in the Arab markets, and called for a boycott.

In its report, the BBC covered a number of tweets participating in the hashtag, where the Kuwaiti National Assembly deputy, Khaled Muhammad Al-Mouns said: “The president of“ France ”announced his ugly bed by mixing papers and insisting that he not give up publishing the cartoons offensive to Ashraf al-Khalq, after he We lost hope in Arab and Islamic governments that people should teach this extremism a lesson by boycotting French products. “

For his part, a member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, Abdullah Fahad, said: “The leaders of Islamic countries should be as much as their people’s concern and announce a boycott of France politically and economically. Tolerance and reconciliation here stops, because the issue is not a political contest but rather loyalty and innocence. You love the enemies of the beloved and claim that this is in love with him. It is possible, as well as openly hostile to his beloved, where is love, brother Satan. “


** Image on the list of French products traded on the hashtag

While a number of tweeters published tweets in French and English, calling for a boycott of French products, stressing that the campaign will succeed with ease after the insulting statements made by Macron.

The singer Salem, “@ optimakw1”, said in his tweet in English: “Macron is a racist and anti-Islam … he failed to achieve an achievement on the local and international levels, so he is” breathing “his frustration with anti-Muslims.

In turn, the Algerian tweet, “@Abdraoufrouidi”, said in a tweet also in English: “Boycotting France is a duty for all Muslims.”

In the context of anger at the statements of the French President offensive to Islam, and in line with the campaign to boycott French products, about 50 cooperative societies announced the removal of all French products from their markets and branches, in protest against the insulting drawings of the Messenger, peace be upon him.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas reported that social media platforms in Kuwait have witnessed demands to stop importing French goods and goods into the country, and to lift them from the central commercial markets.

In conjunction with the hashtag boycotting French products, Twitter users launched other hashtags against and denouncing the statements of the French President, such as the hashtag # The Messenger of God and the hashtag # Macron_ offends the Prophet, and both hashtags harvested more than 200,000 tweets.