* Service can be availed online
* Ministry recently introduced Digital Authentication System for a Multilingual Employment Contract

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) on Saturday stressed that it has stopped the employer contract authentication service for companies at Government Services Complexes.

Addressing “visitors and employers” in a post on Twitter, the MADLSA advised that they can request for the service via its website, https://bit.ly/3h4PRiu

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?The ministry had recently launched the Digital Authentication System for a Multilingual Employment Contract, which aims to offer an integrated digital alternative for authenticating employment contracts in companies.

It is an integrated service that uses digital alternatives at all stages of the process, without the need for an employer to visit any Government Services Complex.

Company owners can use the service through the national authentication system and conduct the transaction with a password and by using the smart card. They can then fill out the contract data, print it, sign and download the contract and additional documents required through the system, as well as pay the certification fees after its approval by the competent authority at the ministry to extract a digitally authenticated copy of the contract, the MADLSA had explained.

The service is available for digital authentication of companies’ labour employment contracts. A company administrator bears full responsibility for the validity of the registered data and signatures of the contract through a mandatory digital acknowledgment under the digital service, the terms and conditions specify.




Last updated: June 07 2020 12:32 AM