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Mall of Qatar welcomes visitors of all ages, including young people, in light of taking high-level preventive measures to ensure the safety of everyone at all times, in accordance with the directives of the competent authorities of the first section of the fourth phase of the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed on the Corona virus in Qatar, and an emphasis on the safety of visitors from For all ages, at this stage, Mall of Qatar continues its precautionary measures to ensure that everyone spends a safe, comfortable and enjoyable visit. Within this framework, continuous and continuous sterilization operations are carried out for all facilities, especially the food court, restaurants and cinemas, in order to provide a safe environment for visitors.

In this context, Emile Sarkis, General Manager of Mall of Qatar said: “We are pleased to welcome our visitors, especially young ones, again to Mall of Qatar, and we have taken all necessary measures to provide them with the best times to shop and eat in a comfortable environment within high safety conditions. We always continue the necessary sterilization procedures for all facilities, including the prayer halls, as well as the air-conditioned bridge that connects the mall to the Doha Metro, to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy their favorite destination. “

Sarkis added: “At this stage, and while life gradually returns to normal, we would like to thank all the bodies working to confront the Coronavirus and appreciate their valuable efforts and accurate plans to deal with this epidemic in the best possible way.” Children are now enjoying the experience of shopping and eating in the food court or in the Other restaurants. In accordance with the directives of the authorities related to the Coronavirus, young children must attend with their parents or adult companions, who must show the green code by applying caution and subject to heat detection at the entrances to the mall, as well as wearing protective masks throughout their visit.

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In application of the highest standards of hygiene and sterilization in the food hall, the lobby receives visitors within limited numbers not exceeding 30% of its capacity, with the adoption of a distance of 2.5 meters between the tables to maintain proper social distancing, and workers also clean the tables and food trays after each use to ensure their continuous cleanliness and sterilization. . At the same time, security personnel work to organize rows at dining facilities to maintain a safe distance between them while waiting for their requests, and according to the instructions of the competent authorities, the play and entertainment areas remain completely closed while cinemas are opened for those over 18 years and within a limited capacity, in addition to Moreover, prayer halls were opened for men and women, with an emphasis on entering a specific number of worshipers at each period.

Emphasizing that it attaches great importance to visitors, the mall provides worshipers with a one-time prayer rug and the prayer hall is cleaned and sterilized after each prayer, and with the reopening of the metro lines with a limited capacity, visitors can now access the Mall of Qatar on board the Doha Metro on the Green Line from new.Mall of Qatar has created new points on the metro bridge leading to the mall to check the temperature of those coming in the metro through modern thermal cameras and to ensure the green code to apply precaution to metro goers, and it should be noted that Mall of Qatar has taken many precautionary measures approved by the Ministry of Public Health and the competent authorities to ensure safety Visitors and shoppers, including continuous cleaning and sterilization operations that include all mall facilities, advanced thermal cameras at all entrances to the mall to ensure the safety of visitors, highlighting the green code in the precaution application, more than 70 hand sterilization devices in various corridors and hallways so that visitors can constantly sterilize their hands, in addition to 80 A self-sterilizing device for escalator belts constantly sterilizes the surfaces of the belts and eliminates germs to provide protection for shoppers during their commute in the mall.