Mall of Qatar invests over 100 Million QAR in a Live Entertainment Arena!

Doha, Qatar: Residents of Qatar can expect top-notch entertainment with ‘MOQLIVE’ – the most defining feature of Mall of Qatar. This is all set to further reinforce the mall’s status as the first live entertainment destination premiering the world’s first resident troupe in a mall. Officials announced that MOQLIVE will encompass live concerts, entertainment, and mall activities, covering 52 weeks of programming.

This unique free entertainment concept, brought to life by a cast and crew of more than 50 international theatre professionals, will be mall-wide with the 7 main shows performing within the heart of the mall at the Oasis. The Oasis is covered by an impressive 6,000 sq. m glassed dome of 30 meter height that is carried by four giant steel trees. The focal point of the Oasis is a 15 meter diameter 360-degree rotating stage with a central hydraulic lift, theatrical sound & lighting, high wire rigging, special effects and animated water features. The shows have been custom developed by theatrical productions experts, Premium Projects, based in Germany.

Mall of Qatar invests over 100 Million QAR

Nearly 1,000 performers have been casted from around the world (incl. Australia, the US, Africa and all over Europe) to find the best performers and hand-picked talent for the shows. The crew comprises of professional costume tailors, lighting designers, stage managers, sound technicians, scenery carpenters and make-up artists who will work behind the scenes day by day to deliver a theatrical experience. During the performances, up to 25 dancers, singers, actors and acrobats can be seen live on stage.

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In addition to proprietary shows, other producer or vendors will use the stage for showing their own content. This can be on the stage lift, a car presentation, a fashion show, kids amusement or similar. For these events the stage ring can be entered by the audience by using the bridges and railings. By using the LED screens in the down position (stage level) as seen in the picture, football games or any other video content can be shown. The audience can stand or sit within one of the numerous casual dining restaurants and cafes around the pond watching same content on each of the four curved LED screens.

Elaborating on this new entertainment venue, Rony Mourani, General Manager said, “Mall of Qatar and Premium Projects are developing a unique entertainment package which has never been presented in a mall before: All shows and acts are custom-designed for Mall of Qatar to ensure a unique signature experience.”

“With its highly innovative proposition, MOQLIVE is intrinsic to MOQ’s entire marketing push. It is also central to MOQ’s districting and tenant mix. MOQLIVE will consistently drive prime customer traffic across the entire mall for all tenants,” added Rony Mourani.

Premium Projects is currently in the development stage of the signature shows for Mall of Qatar with an international team of choreographers; costume designers; musical directors; art directors and circus trainers. The assigned crew has worked on productions in 40 countries for well-known musicals, TV productions and large scale events. Hours of music are currently being re-recorded to adapt well-known melodies into new soundscapes or new songs composed from scratch in a recording studio.

The show storyboards have been finalised and more than 3,000 costume pieces have been designed to invite the visitors to discover lavish fantasy worlds and are currently in production at a costume-workshop in Germany. Nearly 400 different materials are used for assembling the fantasy costumes from sparkling rhinestones to rusty gear wheels, from heavy velvet to special lycra used for the acrobats and even real pearls will be hand-stitched to one of the costumes.

Rony Mourani concluded, “The Mall of Qatar fully embodies the retailtainment concept and offers a great variety of entertainment options for the whole family. We are confident that everyone will enjoy MOQLIVE events that will make our Mall the destination for our valued guests from within Qatar, the Middle East and beyond.”