Man charged in sword stabbing death in Qatar was ‘protecting honor’

In one of the more peculiar crime cases in Qatar, a Moroccan man is facing murder charges following the stabbing death of another expat by sword.The defendant stands accused of killing an Egyptian man in October 2013, after learning the victim was in a romantic relationship with his wife.

At Wednesday’s session, an imam testified as to what he observed took place on the day of the murder.

He told the court that he was in the car with his daughter when he saw the victim with his legs outstretched sitting on the ground and leaning against a vehicle.

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He also saw the defendant holding a sword by one hand and a woman by the other, adding that the woman, who was crying and screaming, eventually tossed the bloodied weapon into a courtyard of a nearby home.

According to the imam, the defendant told the woman to sit in the car that the victim was leaning against, threatening to kill her next if she didn’t listen.

When the imam asked the defendant what happened, the man said “I am protecting my honor,” and explained that the victim had been committing adultery with his wife.
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Source News: Doha News
Photo: Shabina S. Khatri