The man denied the charge and said it happened by mistake.

An Indian worker, who was caught on CCTV intentionally touching a woman’s back in a queue near an ATM in a mall, has been sentenced to three months in jail.

Even though the worker, 25, denied the charge in court and during the investigation, claiming it happened by mistake, the Court of First Instance convicted him of a molestation charge and ordered he be jailed and deported.

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The case dates back to May 31, 2016, when the complainant, a 49-year-old Egyptian manager, told the police she felt someone touching her. “I thought it happened by accident but as I turned around I saw the man, who had just passed by me, mocking me with his friends so I just called the security guard.”

The guards restrained the worker and he was later referred to Bur Dubai police station.

Following the woman’s complaint, the police checked the surveillance cameras, which showed the defendant standing very close to her until he touched her.

The worker may still appeal the verdict.