Jaguar Land Rover Introduces New Online Vehicle Configurators with Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing to Qatar

New and improved MENA online vehicle configurators give Jaguar Land Rover customers in the Gulf access to market-specific product and pricing information.

Qatar, 25 April, 2016 (WQ): Luxury automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover MENA has just recently introduced new online vehicle configurators designed to enrich customer experiences in the State of Qatar. Boasting built-in country specific Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP), the new online based configurators now live on and give customers the chance to tailor-make the vehicle of their choice while ensuring full pricing transparency.

The new platforms accessible to Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates provide customers with the flexibility to customize their Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles based on the infinite amount of specification combinations offered by both brands. Pricing is fully transparent starting from the model, engine, the trim down to the separate option packs and standalone features which are priced individually and can be added in line with customer preferences. All Jaguar products, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are available on the online configurators with others soon launching.

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing to Qatar

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Commenting on the launch of the online vehicle configurator in Qatar, Rabih Ataya, General Manager for Alfardan Premier Motors said:

“We are extremely proud to offer our customers in Qatar this valuable online tool to help them explore the variety of options available for either a Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing concept helps our customers to purchase a vehicle within their individually suitable budget. In addition to benefiting from price transparency, customers now also have the opportunity to customise their Jaguar and Land Rover cars based on their own preferences of features. This great opportunity not only makes our customers lives easier but also enriches their experiences and provides a platform for them to exchange their preferred designs with other like-minded individuals.”

Online data and information sources continue to drive choices around car purchases and brand perception with an increasing number of automotive consumers opting for online sources to research cars, explore different brands, learn more and make informed confident decisions. Purchasing behavior in Qatar is extremely sophisticated with consumers in these markets forming some of the world’s earliest digital adopters with strong online presence.

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing to Qatar

Bruce Robertson, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover MENA, said:

“Keeping today’s connected consumers at the top of our agenda, we know that a majority of our audience in the Gulf begin their purchasing journeys in the digital environment. This is why, it is crucial that our online platforms offer the best and most relevant customer experiences possible. With the introduction of these new online configurators, we are making information immediately available to our customers and promising full transparency. We are extremely excited and confident that these configurators will enable us to continue delivering the unmatched standards of excellence our customers in the Gulf have come to expect across both our Jaguar and Land Rover brands.”

Guaranteeing an upgraded journey for customers seeking product and pricing information online, the new Jaguar and Land Rover online configurators allow customers in Qatar to create the vehicle of their dreams in just a few easy steps. A summary sheet listing the selected model, engine, trim and optional feature details is provided along with an accumulated final price at the end of the customer’s online configurator journey.

The new fully responsive configurators are accessible through all consumer devices, allowing consumers to visit the virtual Jaguar and Land Rover showrooms remotely.