Maryam Al-Maadadi … is a plastic artist who focuses in her artworks on telling stories about Qatari traditions and uses the falcon as a main theme, as it symbolizes strength and freedom.
The artist Maryam is currently participating in the fifth edition of the “Artistic Residency” program at the Artists Fire Station. During this period, she has completed many paintings, while she is working on the idea of ​​a new artistic topic that no one has ever discussed before to participate in the final exhibition, which is expected to be inaugurated in Next September.
In an exclusive interview with “Al Sharq”, the artist Maryam Al Maadadi explained that she is keen to take advantage of all the artistic opportunities available to her, and finds that the best thing that the artist can offer himself is “continuous training.”
She emphasized the importance of the honest competition between artists, explaining that the Qatari artist is not lacking anything, except for complete devotion to the field with the aim of focusing more on it, noting that there is great support by the state for artists and introducing society and its members to the importance of art, and that it is currently seeking to organize a personal exhibition. It embraces its artworks, and is expected to be launched by the end of the residency program

* How was your start to the world of plastic art?
** I started practicing drawing as a hobby, so I loved colors, and everything related to drawing, until I found myself drawing from time to time, which prompted me to strive and study in order to refine my talent, to acquire many abilities and skills in the field, while I was keen to exploit all technical opportunities That was allowing me, and I found that the best thing the artist could do for himself was “continuous training”.

* You are participating in the fifth edition of the technical residency program, tell us about this experience?
** My participation in the fifth edition of the “Artistic Residency” program is an opportunity to gain more experiences and expertise in the field of art in its various specialties, in addition to developing my artistic tools, so “artistic residency” is an arena where artistic energies meet each other, along with a group of senior artists. And curators and researchers, who undertake to train these energies, develop their capabilities and capabilities, and most importantly put them on the right path, and the truth is that I consider my participation in the program a great opportunity and a fruitful experience every day I learn something new and different from it, I thank Qatar Museums for this support.

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* During your stay, how many works of art did you accomplish? What is the work that you will present in the closing exhibition?
** I accomplished many artistic paintings through which he highlighted art in “our region” at a time when art was not shining light on it, and I imagine if I lived during that period, what would I present to this art, and how I was defending this art, and for the closing exhibition I work Currently on the idea of ​​a new topic that no one has previously discussed, and I consider it a challenge to present what is creative and inspiring.

Qatari heritage
* Do you employ “falcon” as a main theme in your artwork? What is the point of that?

** The falcon, as it is known, is a symbol of power and freedom. I like the aesthetics and the details of its shape and qualities, so I use the falcon as a main theme in my artwork because most of them symbolize freedom and courage.

* You focus in your artwork on telling stories about Qatari traditions. The importance of focusing on customs and traditions in artworks?
** Our stories and our reality is surrounded by heritage, and preserving these stories is the duty of every artist, to convey the image of his heritage and traditions to others. the whole world.

* Each artist has an art school that he follows, so which school does Maryam follow?
** I am varied and renewed in my artistic tools, and the viewer of my artistic work notes that it does not focus on a particular school, but rather it is derived from the most school, but the closest to me is the realistic school through which I try to address reality and highlight important aspects of society to communicate it to the audience in a way that records reality Minutes away from mystery and weirdness.

Artistic energies
* The emergence of a large number of young artistic energies .. Does this put you in the circle of competition?

** I am with the honorable competition that motivates us to do more in order to present everything new and innovative, and the truth is I am very happy with the emergence of a large number of youth artistic energies, and the launch of initiatives that combine these energies under one roof, so it is nice to enter into a competition with the creators and here I mean “beneficial competition” that raises the level of everyone in presenting the best in the arena, and praise be to God the artists in Qatar for a great deal of fruitful cooperation and competition that brings good and benefit to the state.

* In your opinion, what is missing from a Qatari artist?
** The Qatari artist is not lacking anything, except for complete devotion to the field with the aim of focusing more on it, for art in general needs calm and clarity of mind, and with the functional and family burdens that the artist lives in, he must be affected a little and be less productive, but nevertheless we find the Qatari artist. Strongly present in the art scene, through his participation in many local and international exhibitions.

What about your artistic posts and personal exhibitions?
** I have many artistic participations, and currently I focus on the “Artistic Residency” program in which I participate, through the creation of paintings and artworks that are the result of the fruitful experience we have lived during the period of the program, while I am currently working on organizing a personal exhibition that embraces all my artistic works. The exhibition is expected to be inaugurated after the end of the residency program.

Art support
Q: How do you find state support for the artistic movement and artistic energies?

** Great and unlimited support, as the state pays great attention to art and culture alike, and there is great support for the artistic movement and artists, by launching artistic initiatives and competitions that enhance the value of art in society, and informing its members of the importance of this art and its valuable message. Through art, bridges of communication, rapprochement and intercultural acquaintance extend.

* In conclusion, each artist has his own artistic project, so what do you aspire to in the future?
** I hope that there will be a center for the Qatari Artists Association under the title “Doha Art Association” that the artists meet on a daily basis, exchange experiences and experiences with each other, and the center will be an open space for all artists to practice their artistic research and implement projects that serve the artistic movement in the country.