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Beirut – East

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The streets of Beirut are decorated with pictures of His Highness as an expression of gratitude and appreciation

 The history of Qatari-Lebanese relations is full of bright positions

Qatar stood by Lebanon in all the stops and crises

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The Lebanese street welcomed the great and early support that Lebanon is continuously receiving from the State of Qatar to face the repercussions of the Beirut Port explosion.
On the Lebanese streets, pictures of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country, to express the appreciation of the Lebanese people for Qatar’s support for Lebanon and its standing by the Lebanese people, extended a helping hand to its relief after the port disaster, as Qatar was the first to send an air bridge loaded with field hospitals and materials Medical, food and relief aid that has not been interrupted.
In statements to Al-Sharq, media, academics and citizens expressed their praise for Qatar’s stances in support of Lebanon, stressing that the urgent relief provided by Qatar is not new, especially since the history of Qatari-Lebanese relations is full of bright positions of a country that stood by Lebanon in all stations and crises and contributed to its reconstruction and restoring peace and stability since a year ago. 2006. A
pioneering role for Qatar
Journalist Fouad Ramadan said: We are the son and we value the pioneering role of the sisterly State of Qatar, the Emir, the government and the people, and its humanitarian initiative to stand by the Lebanese people in this catastrophe and the ordeal that befell them as a result of the bombing that occurred in the Beirut port and its contribution and moral, logistical, medical and material support, and this is not new to good work. It is a forerunner of such special stations, which were taken over by the reconstruction of some Lebanese cities and villages that were damaged by the Zionist enemy in 2006.
He added: All thanks, gratitude, and may God preserve its beloved prince and its kind people,
Qatar, soothes the tragedy
Businesswoman Zahra Abdullah, head of the Environmental Protection Association and the owner of the “Zahrat Hosn Al-Wazzani” tourism project, said: The State of Qatar’s stance towards Lebanon and its people through its rush to provide relief and aid as soon as the Beirut port explosion and build field hospitals to treat the wounded and sick, this position deserves thanks and appreciation, especially since the Qatari aid She came to meet the needs and add to the tragedy.
She emphasized that this position indicates the human dimension and fraternal solidarity that characterizes the State of Qatar in its relations with Lebanon.
Thank you, Qatar
Muhammad Darwish, the media official of the Dr. Hassan Saab Foundation for Studies and Research, said: We must thank the State of Qatar, the Emir, the government and the people, because it has always been keen on the humanitarian commitment according to its steadfast and rational policy without differentiating between one person and another who stood by Lebanon in all circumstances from the 2006 aggression through the Doha Agreement. To the economic summit, and today, after the Beirut port explosion, the State of Qatar was the first to stand by Lebanon. “Thank you, Qatar” was the first topic of discussion in many occasions and forums.
After providing support to the Lebanese people in peace and war, Qatar is still one of the main supporter countries for intellectual, development and humanitarian activities.
White hands,
Sahar Baalbaki, the widow of the press captain, Muhammad al-Baalbaki, said that the State of Qatar has white hands and has many favors for Lebanon, and it has been proactive in helping the relief and reconstruction since the July 2006 war.
She indicated that she visited the State of Qatar accompanied by her husband, the late President of the Press Syndicate, Muhammad Al-Baalbaki, where she closely touched the extent of Qatar’s love for Lebanon, its prince, government and people. Most of those we met in Qatar confirmed that they consider Lebanon their second home, and that they include the Lebanese in Doha with special care and have provided them with the best job opportunities. Therefore, it is not much for the Lebanese people to exchange this great love for the Qatari people, as it is mutual love between the two countries and two peoples.
Al-Baalbaki added that the Qatari aid provided to Lebanon’s relief after the port explosion deserves all appreciation and thanks. Thank you Qatar, and all thanks to the leadership of the State of Qatar.
For his part, Salah Hassan Muhanna, son of the town of tents that was reconstructed by Qatar in 2006, said: In this difficult phase in the history of Lebanon, a word of thanks and gratitude must be addressed to the sisterly State of Qatar, the government and people, for their promptness before all countries to provide urgent assistance via an air bridge loaded with the requirements of relief work for the people The Lebanese afflicted by this tragedy that befell the homeland.