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Hamad Bin Khalifa University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Istanbul Turkish University to cooperate in student and academic projects and research studies as part of the university’s efforts to enhance its mission aimed at facilitating positive transformation at home and creating a global and regional impact.

Under the memorandum of understanding, the two parties will participate in the development of a set of activities to achieve the mutual benefit of each institution, and these activities include projects and collaborative research studies, joint contributions to academic and scientific publications, and the exchange of other scientific documents.

The memorandum also paves the way for joint extra-curricular activities in academic and scientific fields, such as educational courses, conferences, and seminars, and the two parties will regularly exchange faculty members and research in an effort to encourage partnership-based cooperation.

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In addition to student exchange programs, the memorandum of understanding includes items related to co-curricular activities in education and teaching, such as summer schools and diploma programs, and there will also be opportunities for PhD students to collaborate with their peers, including writing a doctoral thesis under joint supervision.

On this occasion, Dr. Imad Eddin Shaheen, the interim representative of Hamad Bin Khalifa University and the Dean of the College of Islamic Studies, said that the Memorandum of Understanding opens a new chapter in our relationship with Istanbul University, an institution that is in line with our vision to be an innovation-based university that focuses on solving common critical challenges. .

He indicated that the scope and ambition of this five-year agreement is long-term and designed to benefit faculty members and students alike through knowledge exchange, research cooperation, and many other aspects, and Dr. Imad El Din Shaheen continued by saying, future generations of entrepreneurs and leaders to give further impetus to the economies and societies based on knowledge in Qatar and Turkey, as we look forward to this trip start.
for his part, Dr. Mahmoud A. Ki, president of Istanbul University , explained that because Qatar and Turkey are linked friendly relations based on shared values With similar views, the agreement signed between the two universities represents an important step on the road to enhancing the prosperity of the two peoples.

He added, “We have not only developed cooperative relations in all areas of common interest, but also deepened our participation in the endeavors aimed at developing science, technology, innovation and higher education in order to enable our two countries to face global challenges, and I firmly believe that we will continue to strengthen the close relations, bilateral cooperation and friendship that unite the two countries.” .