According to the latest forecast reported issued by the Qatar Met Department, strong winds are expected to blow in the country today, which may lead to poor visibility due to blowing of dust. The general conditions are expected to remain chilly particularly during the night.  Strong winds have been predicted in the offshore areas and high seas as well.

The cold weather conditions in the country are due a high-pressure Siberian weather system, which have brought fresh and strong North-Westerly winds into the country making temperatures in the country drop remarkably.

Winds with speeds of 10-20 knots and reaching to 25 knots at times are expected to blow from a North-Westerly direction, whereas winds blowing from North-Westerly direction in the offshore places will blow at 18-25 knots and reach 33 knots at times, the sea-level is expected to rise up to 13ft at some places.

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The forecast suggests that the weather conditions would be hazy initially in the day in some inshore areas, but as the day progresses the conditions will become warmer and dust is expected to blow at places with scattered clouds in the skies. Visibility may become less than 3km at places. At night the temperatures will fall making the night relatively cold.

The Met Department announced via its official Twitter handle yesterday that temperature dropped to a low of 13 C at Al Khor, Turayna, and Al Rayyan, the minimum temperature similarly dropped to 14C in the Qatar University area.

The minimum temperature of 10C expected today in Mesaieed and Wakrah, Abu Samra whereas the minimum temperature in Doha will be 12C and the maximum temperature across the country will remain in the range of 16-18C.