The Met Department has warned that rains are expected to intensify in the country from today evening, the rains will be accompanied by thunder and strong winds as well. The Met Department has also stated that these weather conditions will remain prevalent in the country until next weekend.

The offshore areas too are expected to be battered by strong winds and high-seas today, along with thundershowers.

The current weather conditions in Qatar are due to an atmospheric instability, as a low-pressure system has developed in the upper-levels of atmosphere in coincidence with the Sudan heat low-pressure system, the system will remain strong until February 18, the Met Department has said.

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Due to this pressure system, weather in the country will remain cloudy and intensify from this evening bringing in moderate to heavy rain across most of the country, some parts of the country may also experience strong thunder, the Met Department elaborated.

Strong winds from South-Easterly to North-Easterly directions are expected to blow from Sunday, causing dusty conditions and reducing visibility in some areas. The wind speeds are expected to touch as much as 35 knots at times.

In anticipation of the severe weather disturbances, the weather office has cautioned people to remain alert and avoid venturing into the sea during this time. The Met Department also urged people to stay up to date about the weather by following the department on the social media and accordingly plan their schedules.

Many areas, including Doha, received light rain yesterday as well.

The detailed forecast for today states that the country would be swept by strong winds and thundershowers, with visibility in some inshore areas plummeting to low as 2km due to foggy/misty conditions initially. The wind speed in the inshore areas is expected to be in the range of 8-18 knots and occasionally touching 26knots.

The conditions in the offshore areas are expected to by hazy and cloudy, accompanied by rain and thunder. Winds with speed in the range of 8-18 knots is expected to blow in the offshore areas initially and by afternoon the wind speed is expected to jump to 18-28 knots and the speed during thundershowers is expected to be 35 knots, which may cause the sea level to rise to 14ft during such times.

The minimum temperature expected today in the country would be 15C at Abu Samra, Al Khor and Dukhan, whereas in Doha the minimum is expected to be 18C. The maximum temperature is expected to remain in the range of 22-23C throughout the country.

Yesterday, the minimum temperature of 13C was recorded in Ghuwairiya, 14C in Al Khor, Dukhan and Shehaimiya. The minimum temperature was 16C in the Qatar University area, 17C in the Hamad International Airport area and 18C in the Doha airport area.