The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced that it will continue to provide its services through its online portal (Public Services Portal) in the interest of the Ministry to facilitate and facilitate students and their parents.

The Public Services Portal is a platform that allows the public of citizens and residents in the State of Qatar to obtain the services of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and enables them to obtain all the services of the Ministry electronically, so that auditors do not need to attend the Ministry building or review the offices of the Ministry within government service centers.

This comes through, unifying its electronic services within a unified and integrated umbrella, so that it contributes to facilitating procedures for reaching them in a way that meets the level of the aspirations and aspirations of the public, and in a manner commensurate with their multiple needs, as the portal includes many services, which is the certification service, electronic registration in Governmental schools, electronic transportation between government schools, verification of certificates, equivalence of certificates, registration fees for adult education students, payment of books and transportation fees, as well as employment service.

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The service of issuing educational certificates, including the general secondary certificate, continues on the Ministry’s website through the Public Services Portal. This electronic service allows parents and students of government schools and private schools that follow the Ministry’s standards to report to whom it may concern (registration) for previous years beginning in the academic year (2011-2012).

Note that the certificates issued are sealed electronically, and carry the barcode approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as it is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for use outside the country.

It is also scheduled that the Ministry will provide the service of certifying private school certificates to students electronically on the portal, as of next August.

The Ministry noted that to obtain many of the services provided by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education electronically, please visit the Public Services Portal at this link: