June 08, 2020, at 16:52

the Ministry of Public Health organized an electronic workshop on the food registration system and its role in ensuring food safety for exporting and importing companies in the State of Qatar.

The organization of the workshop came within the awareness activities carried out by the Ministry within the framework of celebrating the “International Food Safety Day”, which agreed yesterday “Sunday” under the slogan “Food Safety is an issue of concern to all”.

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A large number of company representatives participated in the workshop, which reflects the interest in the registration system that was created about a year and a half ago, in which about 700 food companies registered more than 89 thousand food products.

During the workshop, specialists from the Ministry of Public Health presented a detailed explanation about “registration” as one of the most important modern strategic principles to ensure food safety, its procedures, requirements and importance in building a modern electronic system for controlling imported and local foods, in addition to defining registration procedures and steps and answering all the questions mentioned in this The matter.

It is noteworthy that the food registration system is one of the important projects that have been accomplished by the Ministry of Public Health with the aim of documenting information on imported and exported foodstuffs, raising the level of food safety, reducing the percentage of food rejected in the outlets, facilitating the movement of trade and enhancing confidence in government procedures to help To encourage investment and the application of modern food control systems that contribute to facilitating the process of tracking risks and monitoring and reducing fraud resulting from the import of foods that do not meet specifications.