The Building and Demolition Committee at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has issued a total of 87 decisions within the last five months.
These included 78 demolition decisions and nine for building maintenance. Nine were issued in April, eight in May, 15 in June, 16 in July and 39 in August this year. Throughout the past five months of its work the committee received 100 related applications from the various municipalities covering 59 demolition applications and 41 maintenance applications.
Since it was first formed according to law 29 for 2006 article no 4, the committee received 706 applications for building demolition and 143 maintenance applications, and took the necessary procedures accordingly.
Umm Salal Municipality’s Cleanness Section conducted various related services throughout the various areas of the municipality within the second quarter of this year.
During this period, the section carried out 7,019 applications for fighting rodents and insects, in addition to 646 applications for clearing manholes blockages. The section also placed 115 garbage containers near commercial and residential areas. A total of 257 carcasses of dead animals were removed during this period. Further, the section transported 26,212 loads of sewage water.
The MME’s Wildlife Protection Section spotted an environmental violation of discharging sewage water at undesignated areas, and all the necessary legal procedures were taken against the violators