The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MoOFA) Diplomatic Institute on Thursday organised a seminar to acquaint the ministry’s officials with developments on Qatar’s legal cases against the blockading countries at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
Dean of the College of Law Dr Mohamed bin Abdulaziz al Khulaifi, who is also the agent of Qatar at the ICJ, delivered a lecture and discussed the blockading countries’ false claims that Qatar has lost its case against the UAE.
He expressed confidence that, with evidence they have provided, there will be a decision in December from the committee on racial discrimination in support of Qatar’s cases.
He said the cases presented by Qatar are the first of their kind in international law, adding that the swift decision to resort to the court was out of Qatar’s acknowledgement of the humanitarian cases and the devastating impact they had on individuals.
He said that on June 23, Qatar received a unanimous verdict from the judges on humanitarian cases, while the complaint made by the UAE against Qatar was rejected.
Khulaifi said Qatar has taken 18 legal actions against the blockading countries, some at the Universal Postal Union, others at the World Trade Organization, as well as at the committee on racial discrimination, in addition to those in local courts such as the cases related to the manipulation of the Qatari riyal.
Dr Mohamed bin Abdulaziz praised the role of Qatar in supporting humanitarian rights.
He also highlighted the efforts of the National Human Rights Committee which has documented a lot of cases as part of the legal action.