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The Ministry of Public Health and the health sector institutions are celebrating the Qatari Infection Control Week from 18 to 24 October, under the slogan “Breaking the Infection Chain.”

The celebration coincides with the World Infection Prevention Week, which is considered an annual awareness campaign to highlight the importance of infection prevention and control practices wherever health care is provided. The World Week celebrated since 1986 aims to put the spotlight on infection prevention every year.

In light of the challenges facing the world in 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, this year’s celebration will focus on thanks and appreciation of infection prevention specialists for their role in maintaining health and safety and spreading a message: “Infection prevention and control specialists lead the world to safety. “.

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Hoda Amer Al Kathiri, Director of the Strategic Planning and Performance Department at the Ministry of Public Health, said that the celebration of the Qatari Infection Control Week this year comes at a time when medical staff and infection prevention teams continue their great efforts to contain the (Covid-19) pandemic, in conjunction with enhancing awareness and education. Health to prevent the virus.

She indicated that the Ministry of Public Health invited all health facilities in the State of Qatar to participate in the celebration by spreading awareness in those facilities of the importance of the role of infection prevention specialists.

The (Covid-19) pandemic demonstrated the importance of the role of infection prevention and control specialists in maintaining health and safety, in addition to the usual annual risks such as health care-related infections, outbreaks of infectious diseases, seasonal influenza, etc., and in the foreseeable future, the infection prevention and control community will continue to fight this pandemic. Globalism.

Infection prevention and control and breaking the chain of infection became at the forefront of health sector activities during the (Covid-19) pandemic, which provided an opportunity for infection prevention and control specialists to educate workers and the community, and emphasize that the principles of infection prevention and control are not additional practices but rather the way in which we present Healthcare.