The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has reiterated its warning to the public to stay safe from cybercrime and urged them to protect online accounts.
“Change the passwords periodically, choose a password more difficult to guess and do not respond to messages or open the attached links before checking their source,” a tweet by MoI said.
The Criminal Investigation Department has recorded various kinds of frauds including skimming in which criminals place a device deep inside the ATM to record card’s chip information and take cash out using stolen debit card numbers.
Card users become victims of the crime due to less awareness in dealing with electronic transactions and handling ATM and credit cards.
MoI has exclusive campaigns in order to make financial institutions and banks aware of the fraud and help them keep a vigil against the criminals.
The Department also holds regular meetings with officials of banks, exchanges and other financial institutions and conduct for them special training sessions by experts.
The meetings discuss emerging challenges and financial crimes while training programmes help officials effectively fight crimes.
Leaflets are also distributed among general public while campaigns are carried out through all media platforms.