DTZ: More Qatar employers cutting costs by offering housing allowances

As residential rent continues to climb in Qatar, an increasing number of employers are looking to cut costs by offering their staff housing allowances instead of company-provided accommodation, a local real estate expert has said.

The move is likely to cause short-term frustration for some of the affected expats, as many residents say allowances fail to cover the actual cost of housing in Qatar.

But Edd Brookes, the general manager of commercial real estate firm DTZ Qatar, said tenants may benefit from the shift in the long run.

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According to Brookes, many landlords are currently sitting on large blocks of vacant units in hopes of leasing them to a single company.

As fewer firms sign for these bulk rentals, more flats and villas should enter the market as building managers become more willing to lease to individuals, he said.
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Source News: Doha News
Photo: Dan A’Vard/Flickr