‘Talaa’ cameras: More roads under surveillance net

New surveillance cameras, installed on several roads across Qatar, will augment monitoring of a number of traffic violations and enhance road safety.
Central Operations Department of National Command Centre in association with General Directorate of Traffic and General Directorate of Information Systems (Security Systems Department) had announced the launch of the project a few months ago.

Many such cameras are seen on some of the major roads while more are being installed at other roads. Lately, a long stretch from Midmac flyover on Al Shamal Expressway has got several such cameras. New cameras are set up on the road at about every 100 to 200m distance.

“The new cameras are being set up as part of the project ‘talaa’, which aims to activate security surveillance cameras in the streets and main roads in the country to monitor traffic violations of all types, as specified by the traffic law,” an official of the Ministry of Interior said.

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Source News: Gulf Times
Photo: Noushad Thekkayil