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Hillary Clinton, the iron woman who ran the US State Department for several years during the rule of former President Barack Obama, her only preoccupation was writing about 30,000 letters from her personal e-mail about Doha.

Thus, the Emirati and Bahraini media are trying to delude its citizens that Qatar is the cradle of all the mistakes that led to the Gulf rift and the Arab disasters that were directly caused by Abu Dhabi and Manama.

It is likely that Clinton wrote in one of her emails that Doha was the one who inspired Abu Dhabi to commit the bloody massacres in Yemen and Libya, and also inspired Abu Dhabi and Manama to fall into the arms of the Israeli occupation and break the Arab consensus on the first Arab cause.

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The story began when US President Donald Trump asked his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to publish the messages of former Secretary of State and the presidential candidate in the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton, and even before the US State Department announced the publication of the messages, the Emirati and Bahraini media machine worked in weaving illusions and the disinformation campaign against Qatar, and it led Its pages are in a new “fashion” for the attack on Doha … as if all what the former American minister wrote about Qatar and for Qatar only !!

Kuwaiti researcher Dr. Abdullah Al-Shayji says – on his Twitter account – “No one can have access to 33,000 e-mails and 7,000 pages, summarize them and comment on them in 24 hours !! In the best case, it is the selectivity of what he takes from the e-mails that serve his interests and his agenda.”

The suspected use of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails on social media is reported to have prepared in advance for guests and experts at UAE media studios the night of the Qatar News Agency hack on May 23, 2017.

Under the title “Clinton Post exposes Qatar”, the “Londoner Arabs” funded by Abu Dhabi indicated that Qatar has turned into a “executive producer” of the series “Creative Anarchy,” referring to the “Arab Spring” revolutions !! … to ask him a question about the author and director of the series “The Revolutions Anti. “

It is strange that Qatar has not denied – on any day – its support for the peoples and their right to freedom and dignity, which is a constant principle of its policy .. What about the Emirates that killed those peoples and contributed to financing their killing? !!.

Abu Dhabi media is based on its funny accusations of sessions that brought together Hillary Clinton with media personalities working in Qatar and a visit to Al-Jazeera channel … which reveals an ignorant media steeped in hatred and unprofessionalism.

As for Bahraini newspaper articles about the Qatari plot on the “Ritut Island”, it has another taste, especially since Qatar has played an important role in Bahrain’s stability since 2011, and Manama has repeatedly thanked Doha for this role.

Among the disinformation campaign in “Hillary Clinton’s messages”, which the Emirati and Bahraini media adopted and demanded of her, is that the former minister called two Gulf ministers about Bahrain, to make it clear in the end that it was a tweet taken from a Bahraini media supporter of the regime.

The story of the emails of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dates back to March 2015, when American newspapers revealed that Clinton was using a private email server for her correspondence related to her work at the State Department.

The issue of Hillary’s e-mails was raised again, after US President Donald Trump criticized Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Attorney General Bill Barr for publishing messages of his former Democratic rival for the presidency, one month before the next elections.

Observers believe that Trump aims to harm Democrats, in the process of publishing e-mails, which contain classified classifieds, on the grounds that his competitors violate federal rules, although Clinton was acquitted twice, after extensive investigations on the issue of her mail’s private server. The issue is “deeply neglected.”