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The Moroccan government decided to impose a nationwide night curfew for a period of three weeks, starting from Wednesday evening, while tightening precautionary measures to address the Covid-19 epidemic, according to a statement Monday evening.

Today, the Moroccan Ministry of Health announced the registration of 877 new cases of Coronavirus, 1980 recoveries, and 43 deaths during the past 24 hours.

The curfew continues, according to Agence France-Presse, from nine at night to six in the morning, with the exception of special cases, according to the statement, which also announced the ban on public and private parties and gatherings and the closure of restaurants, cafes and stores, starting from eight in the evening. Restaurants will be completely closed for three weeks in the economic poles of Casablanca and Tangiers, as well as in Marrakesh and Agadir, the two tourist capitals of the Kingdom.

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These precautionary measures come “based on the recommendations of the Scientific and Technical Committee on the necessity of strengthening the measures for the state of health emergency,” according to the statement issued by the Moroccan News Agency, noting that the authorities have imposed restrictions on movement to and from several cities since last summer.

The severity of the epidemic has intensified in Morocco in recent months, with an average of more than two thousand daily infections in recent days. The total number of injured exceeded 418 thousand, of whom 7 thousand died, and more than 380 thousand recovered, according to the latest official toll.

Morocco hopes to launch a vaccination campaign against the Corona virus by the end of the year, which aspires to target more than 20 million people within 3 months, Health Minister Khaled Ait Al-Taleb told AFP in early December. However, the authorities have not yet announced a date to start the campaign.

Morocco has extended the health emergency imposed since March, another month until January 10, while travel to and from the Kingdom remains conditional on having a negative examination for the virus.