Mowasalat’s services offer low-income workers a ‘Ramadan nightlife in Doha’

Doha – ADDITIONAL bus services introduced by Mowasalat in several routes during the Holy Month of Ramadan have provided opportunities for a large number of low-income expatriates from Industrial Area to enjoy late night events in Doha city.

The services provided by bus route numbers 21, 31, 32, 33, 33A have witnessed more rush at nights among the workers who usually visit marketplaces and eateries serving cuisines that are not available in the Industrial Area.

Mowasalat, the only public transport company in country, launched new bus services in several areas around the State in order to meet the transport needs during the holy month by adjusting schedules of all mass transit and taxi services in accordance with the public demand.

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Rahim Khader, an Indian expatriate living in Industrial Area, said:”Nightlife in Doha city during Ramadan is odd for many people. Usually, workers in Industrial Area schedule their trips to Doha city according to the public bus timings as many of them cannot afford taxi fare. Earlier, they had limited time to spend in Doha city but the introduction of the late night bus service has given them the opportunity to stay late in Doha city before returning to their accommodations.”

As part of efforts to encourage the use of public transport, Mowasalat has introduced a promotion of Karwa smartcard for the commuters in Shahaniya and Industrial Area through which passengers can buy and top up Karwa smartcards from authorised merchants and get a bonus of QR10 when they top up with QR100.

A worker said,”We come to Doha city in groups every day. Quite different from Industrial Area, Doha city offers various activities such as iftar gatherings organised by many expatriate organisations, private establishments, classes on religious subjects, health awareness and of course food offered by many companies and groups. Late night stay also gives us the chance to participate in prayers in different mosques in Doha city.”