Doha – Qena

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 Today, the third joint campaign to remove discarded cars was launched in a number of areas of the municipality of Al Khor and Al Dhakhira, implemented by the Committee for Removing Neglected Cars, within the framework of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s continuous efforts to preserve the aesthetics of the state, and in implementation of Law No. 18 of 2017 regarding public cleanliness.

On this occasion, Mr. Marzouq Mubarak Al-Mesifri, Assistant Director of the Mechanical Equipment Department and a member of the Committee, affirmed that the campaign to remove discarded cars has been launched since last July in the industrial zone of the municipality of Doha, where about 1500 neglected cars were removed, after which the campaign targeted the geographical area of ​​Al-Rayyan municipality. Nearly 700 cars, bringing the number of discarded cars that were removed to 2,200.

He pointed out that this third campaign targets the geographical borders of the municipality of Al Khor and Al Dhakhira and will continue for a week. It is expected that approximately 200 cars will be removed from various areas of Al Khor and Al Thakhira municipality and transferred to Umm Salal Detention.

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Mr. Marzouq Mubarak Al-Misefari added that the phenomenon of neglected cars will be confronted by intensifying campaigns and awareness-raising and alerting car owners to the need not to neglect their cars, pointing out that the work plans during the next phase target neglected cars within the administrative boundaries of the Al Daayen municipality, coinciding with the campaign in the industrial zone in Doha. Al-Rayyan, Al-Khor and Al-Ammunition, according to the schedule set by the committee. Upon completion of the designated areas, it will go to the municipality of Umm Salal, then Al Shamal and Al Sheehaniya, to end in Al Wakrah municipality.

The assistant director of the mechanical equipment department and a member of the committee appealed to the public to cooperate with the efforts of removing neglected cars, to eliminate this phenomenon in all regions of the country, in implementation of Public Hygiene Law No. 18 of 2017.

Hamad Sultan Al-Shahwani, head of the General Control Department in the municipality of Doha and a member of the committee, said that this campaign comes as a continuation of the efforts of the Committee for the Removal of Neglected Cars in removing all vehicles and equipment neglected from all public areas in the municipalities, which distort the aesthetic appearance, alerting the owners of violating vehicles and cars to a speedy adjustment and reconciliation Conditions of their vehicles, and coordination and cooperation with the committee.
In the same context, Mr. Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Sayed, Director of the Municipal Control Department in the Municipality of Al-Khor and Al-Thakhira, confirmed that a large number of discarded cars, including nearly 200 cars, have been detected and are being removed in cooperation with the competent authorities.
He added that a notice sticker is placed on the cars three days before they are removed, and in the event that they are not removed by the owner, the competent authorities carry out their legal procedures to remove them and withdraw them to the custody of Umm Salal. As for the cars that obstruct traffic, they are removed immediately.
For his part, Lieutenant Yusef Fahd Al-Ali from the General Traffic Department and a member of the committee explained that after removing the vehicles and seizing them for a period of 3 months according to the law, their licenses are canceled if their conditions are not legalized.
He called on the public to cooperate with the competent authorities, to participate in the awareness campaigns that take place, and to abide by the public hygiene law in this regard.