The third edition of the Najah Qatari Festival hosted yesterday the Statesmen Forum at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center to discuss their experiences and success stories in order to boost the nation and inspire and set an example for the younger generation.
Speakers underlined the importance of education and nurturing high ambitions, overcoming difficulties and not to fear the pitfalls in order to shape the future and achieve the
desired goals.
The forum was moderated by Mohamed al-Ansari.
HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani, chairman, Aamal Company, praised the value of community solidarity of the people of Qatar, recalling that after coming out of World War II, life was very difficult and hard. “However, because of solidarity, determination, Qatar is now better than before and has the best hospitals and schools in the world and that would not have been possible without toil and diligence.”
Sheikh Faisal called on the youth to seize opportunities, pointing out that the prospects are open to them with state’s encouragement, wondering why vast majority of young people are turning to the government sector.
He noted that the biggest opportunities are in the private sector, and that the opportunities today are favourable to them. “Anyone who sees himself in the private sector has to break into, make a name for himself and serve his country.”
Sheikh Faisal said he sustained his hobby in collecting antiques and collectibles until it became the largest private museum, which he considers a pride for Qatar.
Dr Yusuf Obaidan Fakhro spoke about education in Qatar, both in the past and now, noting the harmonious and loving relations prevail between the ruler and the ruled, adding that the determination of the people of Qatar and their solidarity and were able to overcome the problems and difficulties they faced.
Dr Fakhro talked about the beginning of public education and the challenges of girls education, who had become a major partner today, where she became a minister, ambassador and director in all fields and successful in all government and private sectors.
Saad bin Mohamed al-Rumaihi talked about the story of his joining media field, praising HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani and his great role in guiding him in his academic and
career path.
Al-Rumaihi said, “I started my journalism career during my studies in Kuwait and when I returned home, I started working at Al-Arab newspaper and then Al-Duri newspaper, then
Arrayah newspaper, and then took over as editor-in-chief of the
Al Saqr sports magazine.
Al-Rumaihi stressed that any creative work should be combined with study and diligence and love and dedication to work, urging young media people to develop themselves, noting that this development would only be achieved through education and experience. (QNA)