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The Social Development Center (Nama), one of the centres affiliated to the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, participated in the ‘Maker-Majlis’ at the College of Islamic Studies at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU).
The centre participated through two wings. The first dedicated to life skills and the second dedicated to the TAMM Volunteer Network.
The centre chose to take part in the event to expand options available to young people, build their capacities, empowering them, exploit all available opportunities to raise awareness of the importance of perseverance, guiding them towards specialised forums, as well as highlighting the importance of effective social work.
Mariam bint Abdullatif al Mannai, director of Community Services, said: “Our participation in this year’s Maker-Majlis stems from our integrated vision to improve volunteerism, to mobilise young people to contribute to civil and public work, to promote voluntary work through concerted efforts and coordination between all parties concerned, in addition to seeking to provide a comprehensive electronic database for the exchange of information.
“Through this opportunity, we invite all entrepreneurs to participate in volunteer work, which is of great importance for the advancement of society, motivating and developing young generations, and nurturing future leaders. Volunteerism provides an opportunity for young people to express their views and ideas on public issues of interest to society and allows them to participate in setting priorities and making decisions.”
She said the centre is also participating in another wing that focuses on the development of youth abilities by introducing the services provided by the Life Skills and Citizenship Promotion Project.
The project aims at promoting quality development and investing in the capacities of young people, through a harmonised system of training programmes intended at preparing an empowered generation with intellectual capabilities and skills that qualifies it to contribute to a knowledgeable and modern society.