The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) has launched a series of workshops and demonstrations to celebrate the important role of traditional crafts in Qatar.
Taking inspiration from the objects on display in the museum galleries, the workshops focus on design and decorative patterns that are typical of local craftsmanship and integral to Qatari identity.
Running until August 8, the NMoQ summer programme encourages residents and visitors to discover Qatar’s history through its traditions and the crafts that Qatari people used to make during the summer months while living by the coast.
Jewellery making, Al Khous (palm weaving), gypsum carving, net and rope making are some of the crafts that attendees will learn during the workshops.
The series of workshops was developed by NMoQ as part of its wide variety of exciting and engaging learning activities available to the public throughout the year.
The museum hosts quarterly public events to ensure a dynamic and ever-changing cultural offering to multiple audiences.
Talks and discussions for adults and students, practical art and design workshops, family weekend drop-in activities, along with special evening performances and courses, are just some of the upcoming initiatives for 2019.
An initiative by the Learning Department at the National Museum of Qatar, the programme is part of Summer in Qatar (SiQ), developed by Qatar National Tourism Council in partnership with Qatar Museums (QM) and many other established entities in Qatar.
Members of QM’s Culture Pass Plus and Culture Pass Family will get closer to SiQ and enjoy benefits such as exclusive discounts on tourism products, outdoor, mall and retail activities, family entertainment.
SiQ will run until August 16, introducing a wide range of exciting indoor and outdoor experiences, along with entertainment programmes, featuring local, regional and international artists, edutainment, summer and sports camps as well as special promotions on inbound travel, hospitality and shopping.