Nespresso welcomes the month of Ramadan, Follow Photo Gallery

 Doha – 15 June 2016 (WQ):  Every year around the world, masses of people come together to share moments with friends, families and communities to honor Ramadan. It is a time to welcome our neighbors and appreciate special moments together. Coffee has always played an integral role in Arabic hospitality, a sign of respect and generosity. To celebrate Ramadan and the spirit of welcoming, Nespresso is marking the occasion with a campaign that takes coffee drinking to a new level, allowing proud hosts to create exceptional coffee experiences for visiting friends and family.

Building on the successful 2015 campaign, Nespresso is continuing to pay testament to the Arabic cultures and customs, but this year is bringing a unique modern twist to the execution. The brand has partnered with Karim Zakria, an Arabic Calligrapher, to create an eye catching piece of digital calligraphy. The bespoke design – that simply reads “Ahlan Bikom” or “welcome ”, ”أهلا بكم”– exquisitely captures this guiding principle of Ramadan and will adorn all of Nespresso’s campaign materials.

“One of the things I most look forward to about Ramadan is the time I get to spend catching up with the many varied people in my life, from casual acquaintances through to those who I am closest with. When Nespresso approached me with this project, it really made perfect sense, as coffee is an important sign of hospitality both during Ramadan and throughout the rest of the year” said Zakria.

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“Expressing the traditional art of calligraphy via a digital medium represents the evolution of Ramadan and what it means to our society today, the fusion of old and new to create something beautiful that celebrates a custom that is so special to us.”

Throughout the month long period, Nespresso is welcoming coffee connoisseurs to the Boutique where they will find all the elements they can to give their visitors a warm welcome.

This includes a selection of exclusively designed Ramadan recipes guaranteed to delight guests. In the Boutique, there will be the chance to learn how to prepare these recipes, as well as sample the exquisite blend of spices and flavors of the region which have been used in the creations:

  • Kazaar Con Panna combines the intense flavors of the Kazaar Grand Cru with the sweetness of dates, the ideal drink to enjoy after Iftar
  • Oriental Spiced Delight offers a distinctive and rich coffee taste, which is complemented by an aromatic cinnamon kick
  • Orange Cappuccino has a strong character with a fruity undertone, served warm
  • Caramel & Chai Tea Latte brings together the satiny smooth flavor of the Dulsao do Brasil with the full flavor of Chai Tea, softened with a rich caramel

Further information about the campaign can be found on a microsite on Nespresso’s online platform ( Here, users can discover stories from a selection of Club Members, sharing how they celebrate Ramadan and how coffee features in their celebrations. They will also be able to discover the exquisite new recipes and follow the step-by-step guides.