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Hamad International Airport continues its pioneering efforts to keep abreast of the latest technological developments and the use of smart technology, as it recently installed the latest tools for security inspection technology, which are advanced algorithms that allow security personnel to discover any device or device that contains explosive materials, whatever the tightly manufactured.

The airport said in a statement today, that this new technology will allow transiting travelers to keep their electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, digital cameras and others inside their luggage while passing the airport security checkpoints, as well as contributing to raising the level of passenger service.

The new technology / C2 technology / will be used across all transit security checkpoints at the beginning, when the transit gates are gradually restarted.

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This technology will also greatly enhance the security measures taken by the airport, while contributing to speeding up the inspection process by reducing waiting time. This technology will also allow Hamad International Airport to have a global system that meets international standards for explosives detection.

This system can detect materials that may be a threat in crowded bags, including electronic devices that previously had to be removed from the bags. Once the bag is placed on an X-ray machine for examination, it will be possible to carry it instantly without stopping to re-scan or manually scan it.

This system also comes within the framework of the precautionary measures to confront the Corona pandemic (Covid 19), due to the fact that it reduces the spread of infection that may occur due to the mutual pollution that may occur between the travelers’ hand luggage. The application of this technology will contribute to enhancing the standards of hygiene at the airport, by reducing human contact at the security checkpoints, making the process faster and safer for both employees and travelers alike.

In this context, Mr. Saeed Yousef Al-Sulaiti, Vice President of Security at Hamad International Airport, stressed the constant concern to strengthen and develop the process of security inspection at Hamad International Airport through the use of the latest technologies and the introduction of new technology tools. Pointing out that the goal now is to make the travel experience safer under the current Corona pandemic.

Al-Sulaiti highlighted that these difficult times remain the priority is to maintain the safety of travelers and enhance security measures, noting that through the introduction of this advanced technology, it will be possible to implement a more efficient system to address the concerns of travelers, adding: “Thanks to our strategy that puts travelers at the core With her interest, we will continue our investments in that direction while developing more effective solutions. “

The application of this modern technology will enhance the ability of Hamad International Airport to complete the procedures of passengers, while reducing waiting times at security checkpoints. This allows the airport to provide a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for all its travelers while at the same time meeting the highest international standards in terms of safety and security conditions.

Hamad International Airport is also seeking to use body scanners to achieve better security results while gradually reducing personal inspection procedures. It is expected that this technology will prove its efficiency in light of the current atmosphere imposed by the Corona pandemic on the whole world, as it reduces contact during the self-inspection of travelers. The airport is also looking into ways to provide / trays / anti-bacteria with automated ultraviolet devices at the security check points, which will automatically sterilize all / trays / after each use by travelers, to enhance preventive measures and to preserve the safety of all travelers through the airport.

Hamad International Airport had previously achieved groundbreaking achievements in security screening procedures in 2019 in the field of flight diversion, as it succeeded in reducing waiting times in front of security checkpoints that could accommodate about 6 thousand passengers during peak hours. The airport also introduced additional flight transfer halls, allowing 95% of travelers to spend less than five minutes waiting lines.

And Hamad International Airport recently announced the successful completion of the second phase of the smart airport program, while providing the latest technologies for identification systems for travelers through vital data, which enabled all travelers at the airport to experience a comfortable, safe, and contactless travel. The new technology also allows travelers to collect all the information about the flight, passport and vital features of the face in one electronic record through the self check-in kiosk, in addition to making the face of the traveler only sufficient to verify its identity at the main points of the airport, such as self-service points for the delivery of bags, The pre-passport area, electronic gates, and boarding gates.

The successful strategy of Hamad International Airport with early investment in the technology of identifying travelers through vital data has proven its effectiveness, as it had a fundamental role in the airport’s response to the current crisis after the outbreak of the Corona virus, as it contributed to reducing the physical contact rate of travelers during the transition between the main points of contact within the airport.

In an effort to protect its employees and travelers from the risk of infection (Covid 19), the airport, which has become the third best airport in the world, has taken a series of unprecedented precautions and measures, including the use of robots and smart helmets to conduct a thermal examination. Hamad International Airport also obtained sterilization robots, which are completely mobile and independent devices that emit light containing concentrated UV rays, known to be effective in eliminating most of the microorganisms that can cause infection. These devices are deployed in the areas of the most contaminated passenger flow through the terminal to reduce the spread of pathogenic bacteria. The airport also used the UV sterilization tunnels to purge all the passengers ’checked-in baggage (whether they are departing, arriving or passing).

As the forefront of the leading airports around the world in the technological transformation, Hamad International Airport continues its endeavors to keep abreast of the latest technological developments and the use of the latest smart technology tools in the security examination to enhance its security measures while providing a safe and smooth travel experience for its travelers.