New vehicles to get registration permit for three years

New vehicles will be issued road permit for three years once a new law whose draft has been cleared by the State Cabinet after Advisory Council’s approval sees the

The legislation is expected to be put in force soon since the Cabinet, at its routine weekly meeting yesterday, said it had taken necessary measures to see the law issued.

The new law amends some provisions of the Law No 19 of 2007 (traffic law), reports Qatar News Agency (QNA).

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Under the new legislation, even buggies driven by youngsters for fun and people for dune bashing, will need to be licensed. The draft law says that only motorcycles of less than 50CC will not need a licence from the traffic department.

Such licences will be valid for one calendar year starting from the date of issue. However, the validity of road permit (licence) for vehicles of government, their agencies and public institutions, as also of cars of diplomats, international and regional organisations and sports clubs, will be for two years.
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Source News: Qatar Living