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A report by the New York City Hospitality Alliance revealed that most New York restaurants are unable to pay their August rent.

And according to the report – which surveyed more than 450 restaurants – all but a few dozen said they could not pay the August rent in full.

And 87% of the owners of these restaurants said that they are completely unable to pay even the rent value … as the report says that the number of these people is increasing over the months of June and July, despite the fact that 40% of the value of this rent was given to owners during the Corona epidemic. 

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And New York City restaurants were ordered to stop their dining service on March 17, while it was later decided to reopen open-air restaurants on June 22, after about three months of closure. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio says outdoor dining will return naturally in 2021. 

According to the report, many New York City restaurant owners will march to Governor Andrew Como’s office on September 28, calling for an extension of outdoor dining and indoor dining with a higher capacity, while dozens of restaurants have announced plans for a final closure. 

Indoor dining with a capacity of 25% is scheduled to be restarted on September 30, while economists have asserted that this capacity “will not be sufficient to save the city’s restaurants.”

“Nearly 150,000 workers in the industry are still out of their jobs, and the vast majority of these remaining small businesses cannot afford to pay the rent,” said Andrew Reggie, executive director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance.