NEW DELHI: As the Gulf crisis deepened with four major Arab nations closing sea, air and land links with Qatar, India is beginning to worry about its over 6,30,000 nationals living in that country. An advisory by the Indian embassy in Doha has asked Indians to “stay alert” while the government is monitoring the developments.
“The embassy of India is monitoring the situation closely and is in touch with the Qatari authorities to ensure the safety and security of Indian nationals in Qatar,” an official statement said.

Qatar has only one land route to Saudi Arabia, which is used for transport of essential commodities. The route is now closed after Qatar’s diplomatic isolation by Saudi Arabia-led allies. Sources said there should be no immediate sense of panic or shortage as Qatar is well stocked. Secondly, as one of the richest country in the world, Qatar is likely to put its considerable resources to maintain its people.
Reports have suggested that the Indian government has offered to send in supplies. Sources said the Indian government is ready for any relief operations in future. Sources said the greatest danger is for people to fall prey to rumours.