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The International Coalition handed over the site it occupies in “Taji” camp, north of Baghdad, to the Iraqi security forces, in a ceremony held today according to a pre-set schedule, and after that, other bases were handed over.

According to a statement by the coalition, the designated site was handed over to the Iraqi side, thanks to the successes achieved by the Iraqi security forces in the ongoing campaign against ISIS, which allowed the coalition to shift its focus and role in Iraq … indicating that the repositioning is part of a long-term plan that was coordinated with Government of Iraq.

Major General Kenneth Ekman, Deputy Commander of the Joint Task Force, said in a statement that the “Taji” camp served as the primary site for coalition partners to train the Iraqi army, Iraqi air force and special forces, and from today onward the Iraqi security forces would assume responsibility.

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The base “Taji” is located about 85 km north of Baghdad, and there is an airport and a huge military base that was originally affiliated with the Iraqi Guard.

On the other hand, the Baghdad Operations Command announced the killing and wounding of terrorists in a security operation north of Baghdad, in coordination with the Joint Operations Command, and through the implementation of an air strike.

A statement by the leadership stated that the force, which went to the scene after carrying out the strike from the Sixth Division and intelligence agents to search the place, found a number of cell phones and other military equipment in addition to explosive belts and remnants of a modern camera system attached to the phones.