Oman tops list of Eid holiday destinations this Eid

According to tour agencies, Oman and UAE have turned out to be the popular destinations amongst Qataris this Eid-Al-Adha.

Outside GCC countries, Turkey, Greece and London too have been welcoming a lot of Qataris this Eid.

A sales agent at Al-Watany has reported to Gulf Times that many Qataris seem to favour Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He said, “Eid al-Adha holiday is usually short and so they prefer shorter travel time to maximize their stay in the place”.

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He also mentioned that Oman is another most visited destination as it offers unique adventures, rich culture, recreation, beautiful landscape and scenery to its tourists.

The easy access to Halal food and mosques are some domineering factors that Qataris consider. This made Turkey to be one of the top destinations too.

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Source News: Qatar Living