Ooredoo has emphasised the critical importance of the Qatar 2020 Census, as the data gathered forms the basis of the country’s strategic plans for the future.
The telecoms operator also called on Qatari citizens and residents to co-operate with census researchers and facilitate their mission for the benefit of all. Ooredoo noted that the results of the census as the main source of information relating to current and expected population levels, workforce, and other national statistics form the foundation of all strategic plans for housing, development, education, and training, as well as national policies.
Ooredoo stressed that the importance of the census, in its capacity of providing a snapshot of society at a set moment in time, is due to it being the only comprehensive inventory of the country’s population, housing and facilities, information which is of critical interest to planners, researchers and decision-makers.
Manar Khalifa al-Muraikhi, director, PR and Corporate Communications at Ooredoo, said: “Our participation in, and support for, this national project – one of the most important statistical projects in the country — comes within the framework of our corporate social responsibility and our aim of achieving sustainable development.
“Ooredoo’s participation in the census is in the form of sending text messages to citizens and residents, and sharing information on the project via our digital media platforms, as well as issuing internal bulletins to educate our staff about the importance of statistics.”
The Qatar 2020 Census project’s main aim is to create a high-quality central registry of population, housing and facilities data, with comprehensive coverage, connected to a system for continuous updating of this data.