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The Ministry of Trade and Industry announced the opening of the door for reservations for shops within the second phase of the central market in Umm Salal.

The second phase of the central fish market in Umm Salal area includes pens for display and sale of sheep, shops for selling vegetables and fruits, in addition to the existing stores that practice the same activities. Other activities include butcheries and activities for selling trip supplies and selling chilled poultry and their products, and there is also a clinic and pharmacy in the market. Veterinary services for owners of barns, and shops to engage in various commercial activities such as trade in dates and spices, and other commercial activities.

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The Ministry indicated that the available investment opportunities during the second phase: 
Sheep Barn 38 – Epic 3 – Auction Activities Office 2- and (1) for each of: an administrative office, spices, spices, ornamental birds breeding, a veterinary clinic, a veterinary pharmacy, travel supplies, a men’s salon, selling electronics, phones and a nursery In addition to ten shops dedicated to selling poultry, eggs, cheese and dairy.

The ministry said that it worked in coordination with Aswaq Company to achieve great benefit for tenants and consumers by setting up a mechanism for the tenant to obtain good investment by granting him an appropriate rental price, provided that the lease period is for two years and is renewed for a similar period.

The Ministry clarified the documents and requirements required to submit an application for obtaining investment opportunities, which are: Submitting a copy of a valid commercial register, a copy of a valid commercial license (if any), a copy of the establishment registration (if any), a copy of the identity card, and an experience of no less than Two years in the activity and providing evidence of that.

As for commercial activity related to sheep pens, in addition to the previous documents, breeders must present a certificate of possession and a farm certificate from the Livestock Department, and for traders, they must also submit a certificate of inclusion from the Livestock Department.

The ministry explained the steps for submitting applications to obtain a commercial activity in the market, pointing out that the application will be submitted electronically through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry website.

The draw will be conducted via video call technology on November 5th, with final results announced on November 8th.