Ministry of Environment Organizes Al Ruwais Cleaning Campaign

Doha, June 21 (QNA) – Under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment, cleaning of Al Ruwais beach was carried on Friday, 19th June 2015 wherein high-density plastic debris was cleared form the beach.

Around 30 volunteers from Galfar Al Misnad Eng. & Cont. Co. took part in this MOE’s ongoing National beach cleaning drive, which was supported by Al Shamal Municipality.
The amount of plastic debris accumulated in this small area is an indication towards the seriousness of widespread littering on beaches and seas around of the region.

It is a known fact that plastic debris litters the oceans causing various types of hazards to the ecologically sensitive marine environment. Beach cleanups, followed by awareness campaign are the last line of defence to prevent debris from causing harm to our sea, to marine-life, to our coastal economies, and to stop the toxic chemical pollutants ending-up in our diet through the marine food web.
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