With the commencement of a new academic year, Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), in collaboration with Northumbria University Newcastle, successfully concluded its orientation week to facilitate positive transition for its new incoming students.
Orientation week signifies the first step towards a successful academic year for new students where they are exposed to the university’s various departments, facilities and faculty.
Additionally, students learned about the various student support services provided by the university, creating a healthy relationship between the administration and students throughout their academic journey, according to a press statement.
During orientation, students had the opportunity to be officially welcomed to QFBA-Northumbria University, in addition to learning about the university’s functions, systems and necessary information.
Students got the chance to ask any questions regarding their majors of choice and were given detailed insights into the university’s administrative body and offerings.
Students were also given a tour of the university’s campus facilities during the orientation week, including the classrooms, library, computer labs, medical services, cafeteria and more.
Dr Khalid al-Horr, CEO of QFBA, said: “Within the orientation week’s various activities, new students were introduced to the university, faculty, scientific and research facilities, and various service centres tailored to provide a top educational experience for our students, creating a better tomorrow. We would like to wish our students a sincere welcome and continuous success and excellence in their academic endeavours.”
The number of enrolled students in the current academic year at QFBA-Northumbria has reached 193, of whom 131 are Qatari students, representing 67.86% of the total student body.
The number of Qatari students enrolled at the university has witnessed a significant increase of 238% between this year and the previous year, the statement notes.
Currently, QFBA — in partnership with Northumbria University — delivers bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Finance & Investment Management and International Banking and Finance.
“In an effort to create new horizons for Qatar’s financial services sector, Qatar Finance and Business Academy, in partnership with Northumbria University, plans to expand its facilities and launch new offerings and degrees, further empowering the Qatari youth interested in the financial services industry,” the statement adds.