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The Consulate General of the State of Qatar in the Turkish capital, Istanbul, has announced the procedures that must be taken to obtain a Corona Virus-Free report from Turkey’s hospitals.

The Consulate said in a statement on its Twitter account that “with reference to the circular of the Ministry of Public Health regarding the necessity for citizens to obtain a free report from the Corona virus from the hospitals of the aforementioned sister the Turkish Republic, the Consulate General received the attention of the esteemed citizens that requires the following to be done before going to one of these hospitals To complete the procedures of extracting the medical report: 
1 – Send the report fee estimated at 110 Turkish Liras to the following account: 
iubesi Kurumsal Ankara Bankas1 Halk 
41 OOOO 0005 4520 2009 OOOI TR7O 
2 – Bring the passport of the citizen who wants to travel 
– Provide a travel ticket 
– Do this procedure be 48 hours before the date of travel, 
please always contact the following numbers: +22 212 22999S5 90+ 
WhatsApp: +90 5550866088

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The Ministry of Public Health announced that within the framework of the continuous development to maintain public health and enhance the services provided to citizens abroad to combat the Coronavirus “Covid-19”, four accreditation centers for “Covid-19” were approved for Qatari citizens in the sisterly Republic of Turkey.

According to the ministry, in a statement, according to which citizens in Turkish territory can review the following hospitals to conduct a “Covid-19” examination and obtain a virus-free certificate, knowing that the certificate is valid for 48 hours only, and the accredited hospitals are: Ankara “Shahir Hospital” In the capital, Ankara, and in the city of Istanbul, three hospitals are: Yeshilkoy Murad Delamlar Hospital for emergency cases, Basaksehir Cham and Sakura Hospital, and Kartal Lotfi Kirdar Hospital.

On the other hand, travelers (residing in the State of Qatar) present in the Turkish Republic can benefit from this service if they wish to return to the State of Qatar, starting from the third stage of the gradual lifting of the restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic.

In the event that the examination is conducted in one of the approved centers and the person is found free of the virus, this matter qualifies him to obtain an exception from the mandatory hotel stone in the State of Qatar, provided that the holder of the certificate commits to the home quarantine for a period of 14 days upon arrival in the State of Qatar after signing the pledge of the home quarantine according to For the procedures and standards set by the Ministry of Public Health.