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The Embassy of the State of Qatar to France has noted the decisions of the French government to impose curfews and quarantine measures in the context of combating the spread of the Coronavirus “Covid-19”, which began at midnight on October 29, 2020. The embassy specified for the citizens present there the official method that must be followed and the specific reasons through which an exit permit can be obtained from the French authorities after fulfilling 11 conditions and filling them out in the exit form online on the French government website. The embassy also clarified that the borders are closed with France from outside the European Union.


This came in a notice published today, by our embassy in the French Republic, on its official Twitter account, in which it said:

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“The Embassy of the State of Qatar in Paris informs the honorable citizens in France of the statement of the French government’s decision, following the Covid-19 pandemic, to ban curfews, and quarantine procedures, starting at midnight on Thursday, October 29, 2020.

Accordingly, it is possible to move around only for certain reasons, provided that a form can be obtained or filled out online from the French government website is completed.

Fill out the form for the following reasons:

Shopping for basic necessities.

Going to the workplace if remote work is not possible.

Medical reasons.

Legal subpoena.

Exit within one kilometer of the residence is permitted.

Going to an administrative appointment such as the municipality or police district.

Movement between French regions is forbidden except for returning from the autumn vacation.

Gatherings are prohibited.

Bars and restaurants are closed except for delivery and withdrawal of orders.

– Wearing a mask is compulsory from the age of 6 years.

The borders are open within the European region.

Note that international borders are closed with France from outside the European Union.

The embassy also renews its appeal to all citizens to abide by the aforementioned French government decision, and to contact them in case of emergency at the following number:

50 98 51 45 00 331 “.