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The Arab League refused an emergency meeting at the ministerial level to discuss the Emirati-Israeli agreement, at the request of the Palestinian leadership.

Reuters quoted the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, today, Saturday, that the League will hold a regular meeting on the ninth of next month at the ministerial level, which means that there will be no emergency meeting at the request of the Palestinian leadership to discuss the Emirati-Israeli agreement.

The official Palestinian News Agency quoted Aboul Gheit as telling Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during a telephone conversation between them, “The next Arab ministerial meeting in its regular session, which will be held on the ninth of September, will be chaired by the state of Palestine.”

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Last week, the Palestinian leadership called for an urgent meeting of the League of Arab States to discuss this agreement, following the announcement of an Emirati-Israeli agreement under American auspices to normalize relations between the two countries.

Wasel Abu Youssef, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, told Reuters today, “The Emirati-Israeli agreement required an emergency meeting instead of postponing it for a regular meeting.”

He added, “Palestine will chair the regular meeting, and the Emirati-Israeli agreement will be on top of its agenda, the UAE’s departure from the Arab consensus and the Arab peace initiative.”

In a statement published on the official page of the Arab League, Aboul Gheit said, “He concluded, from a number of Arab contacts he had made during the past few days, that the peace plan included in the Arab Peace Initiative adopted in 2002, and based on Arab agreed concepts, is still the basic plan that is based.” To it is the Arab and Palestinian vision to achieve Arab-Israeli peace. “

The Palestinian News Agency reported that Abbas stressed, during the call with Aboul Gheit, “the importance of this consensus in rejecting the deal of the century, adhering to the peace initiative, rejecting normalization, and affirming the implementation of the Arab peace initiative which aims to end the occupation, achieve independence, and solve the refugee issue, in accordance with legitimate decisions.” International “.

Activists on social media criticized the position of the Arab League, wondering about its weak position, which comes to protect the UAE from embarrassment in front of the Arab peoples in the event of such a meeting.