The town of Paradise in Butte County in northern California has been engulfed by the deadliest wildfire in the state’s history.

Thousands of the town’s structures were completely destroyed in just a matter of hours as the blaze, named the Camp Fire, tore through the area.

Before and after images across the community show the extent of its destruction.

Local homes

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The wooded community, set close to the Sierra Nevada mountains, was particularly popular among retirees.

The Ridgewood Mobile Home Park was among the areas almost completely flattened by the fire.

Ridgewood Mobile Home ParkImage copyrightGOOGLE STREET VIEW
Image captionThe scenic park, which had 97 plots, was built decades ago
Mobile home park burned outImage copyrightLA TIMES VIA GETTY
Image captionReports say some of its elderly residents remain missing

The town’s mayor has estimated that 80-90% of the town’s neighbourhoods were destroyed in the fire.

Some residents took to social media to share what little was left of their own homes upon their return.

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Local businesses

Officials say that on top of thousands of homes, more than 250 local commercial buildings have fallen victim.

A local Black Bear diner was among the businesses destroyed.

INTERACTIVEBlack Bear Diner – Paradise, CA

8 November 2018

Black Bear Diner, Paradise CA - 8 November 2018

April 2018

Black Bear Diner, Paradise CA - April 2018

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On the diner’s Facebook page, its owners asked for people to keep the community in its hearts.

A local antiques shop nearby was also left as a burned out shell.

INTERACTIVETreasures from Paradise Antiques – Paradise, CA

9 November 2018

Treasures from Paradise - 9 November 2018

April 2018

Treasures from Paradise - April 2018

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An outside shot of Mama Celeste's restaurantImage copyrightGOOGLE STREET VIEW
Image captionMamma Celeste’s was a local pizzeria that had only been open six months.
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Burned out wreckage of restaurantImage copyrightREUTERS
Image captionOn its Facebook page its owners said they were grieving along with the whole town

Other premises destroyed include a church, a bowling alley, a museum and local fast-food chains.

Jack in the Box takeaway restaurantImage copyrightGOOGLE STREET VIEW
Image captionThe local Jack in the Box chain (photographed before)
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Jack in the BoxImage copyrightAFP
Image captionThe chain was among local businesses ravaged by flames