In a move to mark the achievements of ‘Screen for Life’ Programme, Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has released a 10-minute documentary which outlines the expanded suites, the screening process, success and potential of the programme.
The documentary, made in Arabic with English subtitles, helps viewers understand the programme’s achievements, the people involved, its screening suites and the screening process.
The documentary can be seen in PHCC health centres in Al Wakra, Leabaib and Rawdat Al Khail and on ‘Screen for Life’ social media channels, including YouTube.
It will also be used as content to support PHCC’s participation at conferences and events.
The documentary explains in details the screening process for breast and bowel cancer and how quick it is, it also presents the special features of the suites especially the state of art equipment, the welcoming and professional staff, and the complete privacy for males and females visitors.
The documentary is also has testimonials by PHCC officials including Dr Mariam Abdulmalik, director general and Dr Shaikha Abu Shaikha, manager of Screening Programmes.
Testimonials were also made by chef Aisha al-Tamimi, a breast cancer survivor and a supporter of the programme; and TV anchor Aqeel Saleh al-Janahi, the programme ambassador.
The population-based ‘Screen for Life programme aims to promote education, awareness and early detection of breast and bowel cancer – the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Qatar and a leading cause of death among men and women in Qatar.
It is conducted under Qatar’s National Cancer Programme and in accordance with the country’s National Health Strategy 2018-2022.
“We want as many people as possible to get to know more about this potentially life-saving programme and what it has achieved and can achieve if people take up the regular screening offer,” Dr Shaikha, said.
“It is important that people realise that regular screening saves lives. There is almost a 100% survival rate from breast cancer when it is caught at an early stage, while the survival rate from bowel cancer is around 90% when caught early.”